Heres a little story that Vincent Allard sent me. Its about a trip he went on few weeks ago, pretty interesting.

"I got an invitation from Andrew Bigelow and Kent Woods a couple weeks ago to film them at Rays MTB park in Cleveland, Ohio. I was lucky enough to go, half of my luck coming from Alain @ dobermann for helping me get the bus tickets to go to Toronto where Andrew’s mom, Karen, would pick me up. From then, we rolled to their house in Ingersoll, slept, and the next morning we were on our way with Andrew and Mark Gee to pick up Kent Woods and his buddy Ryan Grigg. Then we drove all the way to Cleveland. The drive was pretty fun and funny even if we got a speeding ticket. Heres what my trip looked like

In Cleveland, we went straight to our hotel room to unpack our stuff and chill a bit. Later on the same day we went to ride the park. Kent and I got some pretty cool travelling shots in the subaru park of a 720 tailtap on the pyramid then bars to 360 on the way back. We've got some other stuff too but you’ll have to wait till the movie (everywhere) comes out to see all the footage. Andrew did a super sick tailwhip on a quater pipe in another section. He also wanted to tuck no hander the channel gap in the subaru park, but only managed to straight air it. I knew it would be business for Saturday, knowing him. Mark Gee also did his first flip to resi wich was clean! After the session, we went back to the hotel to check out the footage of the night and chill before going to sleep.

We woke up the next morning, went to Dennys for breakfast and then to the park. There was at least a hundred people in the park, It was packed! I did a bit of editing on the movie while the boys were warming up. Kent and I went straigt to business in the subaru park again. He fired up a manual 180 out on the pyramid first try as clean as it could be. He also did it another time with a barspin in the bank right after. I also got a good shot of it. We filmed a couple other tricks in that part of the park. Then, Andrew told me he’d flip and tuck the redbull box jump wich he did as smooth as butter. Kent got rowdy on the resi and got his first tuck no hander. We filmed a couple more clips and by the time the session was over, Andrew tucked the channel gap transfer 3 times giving me 3 good angles of the transfer. Kent also 3’d the spine and did a really good run out of it. We went back to our room and got a bit rowdy knowing that the weekend was almost over.

Sunday, we went to the ghetto part of Cleveland to get scenic shots for the intro and they drove me up to Toronto where i’d get on the bus toward Montreal. Thanks to Alain@Dobermann, Karen & Andrew Bigelow, Kent, Mark, Ryan, and Bobby@Rays for that trip."
December 01, 2008

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