The XJAM went down last weekend in Toronto and damn it was good to see so many Canadian riders destroy the course! Shoutout to all the riders that made it such a great event to watch because everyone killed it! I learned 2 things by watching the contest: Drew Bezanson can fall down 3 stories high and walk away like nothing happened, and Joel Bondu is now officially one of the best BMX riders on this planet. The homie Joel Marchand took 2nd in Best Trick with an epic smith to nosemanual down a ledge, and it was a tight battle for the overall first place between Joel Bondu and Drew Bezanson. Other videos of the highlights were released already but this is a more complete one by Jeremy Deme from Northern Embassy filled with 11 minutes of bangers. There was also a MTB competition going on before the BMX event, hopefully some footage of that makes it online sometime soon. You can also check the full results Right Here.
March 10, 2015

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