The 2012 NORA cups just went down in Las Vegas, and the results are up. Garrett Reynolds is on top for a 1000th year in a row, and seems like i'll have to see Killjoy really soon!

Dirt Rider Of The Year: Mike “Hucker” Clark
Park Rider Of The Year: Drew Bezanson
Street Rider Of The Year: Garrett Reynolds
Flatlander of The Year:Yohei Uchino
Racer Of The Year: Sam Willoughby
Video Part Of The Year: Dave Thompson
Video Of The Year: Killjoy
Reader’s Choice: Chad Kerley

Click the Read More link for some words about the results via RIDE.Number One Ramp Rider: Drew Bezanson A NORA Cup winner in 2010, Drew had to deal with a nagging head injury that kept him off the bike for a heavy portion of 2011. But, with an epic web video accurately titled “Drew Bezanson Returns,” he came back stronger than ever, not only winning several contests, but doing it in Drew’s never-predictable and always-entertaining style. And that is a recipe for winning his second NORA Cup for Number One Ramp Rider. Number One Dirt Jumper: Mike “Hucker” Clark There’s tricks and there’s trails, and Mike “Hucker” Clark lands somewhere in the middle. Able to ride the biggest sets in the country one weekend and throw a double flip at a contest the next, Hucker is the rider that the others stop what their doing and just watch. He may do one of the most dipped threes in BMX, some sort of wild moto-inspired flip, or just wad it all up and laugh off the entire day. Either way, Hucker is undeniably the Number One Dirt Jumper of the year. Number One Flatlander: Yohei Uchino A favorite in every contest of late, Yohei Uchino, better known as “Uchi” has been on the steady uprise for several years. But only in the last year has he really put it all together. Winning the JoMoPro in April and taking his original, extremely fast, back wheel switches to unknown places; Uchi takes his first well-deserved NORA Cup. Number One Street Rider: Garrett Reynolds It’s been said that Garrett Reynolds is the best rider in the world right now, and after winning his fifth consecutive Number One Street Rider award, it may be undeniable. He wins all the “street” events, every clip he drops is next level, and if anyone doubts Garrett, just wait for his Deadline part to drop… Number One Racer: Sam Willoughby It takes strength, speed, and skills to win BMX races, but it takes respect to win the NORA Cup for Number One Racer. Sam Willoughby stepped up his game over the past year and has been consistent race after race. With a huge win at the World Championships and a silver medal at the Summer Olympic Games, Sam is a force to be reckoned with—something NORA voters (including his competitors) know and respect. Best Video Part: Dave Thompson – Killjoy Debuting in early December of 2011, Dave Thompson’s ending part in Killjoy is filled with the raw, powerful, and high speed riding that he’s gained popularity for. The perfect animalistic song choice and editing style of Jordan Utley made it downright unforgettable over ten months later. It doesn’t hurt that Dave does one of the biggest gap-to-rails of all time…and accidently feebles it. Video Of The Year: Killjoy (Shawn “Elf” Walters and Jordan Utley) After completing That’s It! for the Salt Lake City-based shop 50/50, Jordan Utley and Shawn “Elf” Walters started on their own project, Killjoy. A little darker and a lot more raw, Killjoy features the most creative riders in BMX alongside true legends of our time. A rollercoaster ride of emotions and epic riding, Killjoy earned the title to be Video Of The Year. Ride BMX Readers’ Choice—Rider Of The Year: Chad Kerley In the grand scheme of BMX, Chad Kerley is a rookie, but his riding is levels beyond what we’ve seen before. Able to link the unthinkable, Chad’s riding blows minds even when he’s just being casual. He’s earned two nominations this year; one for Number One Street Rider and another for Best Video Part for his ending/winning section in The Hunt. He placed second in his first-ever X Games and even managed to throw his own street contest inside The Bakery, which is being touted as one of the best street contests of all time. He’s young, amazing on a bike, and is already giving back to BMX…and for that, Ride’s readers voted him as their Rider Of The Year.
September 22, 2012

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