2011 Toronto BMX Jam - More BMX Videos
1. Pat Casey
2. Drew Bezanson
3. Chris Hughes

Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple days, we went on a little trip to see the toronto bmx jam to chill with the ontarian homies and ride Joyride a bit, good times were had. Heres Vitalbmx's video of the event, qualifs mixed with amateurs and finals, some pretty crazy stuff went down even if the ramps were in terrible conditions. Moxley rode really good and placed 5th, congrats man! Also, even thought I know they can do way better than that, big ups to Mike Gray and Joel Marchand for competing against those dudes and ending up 12th and 18th! That 360 3ple whip thing was ridiculous! hit the read more link fot Ridebmx's video of the finals.

March 09, 2011

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