Congratulations to everyone! There isn't much pictures nor videos out yet, but here are the results of the contest that went down at Taz on saturday. Many bangers went down, it was awesome to watch! The event was really fun aside from a couple accidents, The Hunt was also premiered and it is definitely a must-see! We will post photos and videos as soon as possible, and make sure to hit the read more link for the amateurs results.

Pepsi Proam 2011 - Gagnants Amateur
1. Micheal Varga, 15 ans, Whitby
2. Justin Hughes, 15 ans, Montréal
3. Jason Kearnan, 16 ans, Oshawa
4. Vincent Blain, 14 ans, Boucherville
5. Maxime Bouthillier, 19 ans, L’Assomption
October 22, 2011

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