SAGBMX pictures

I found a couple sick shots on sagbmx's website. I have to tell you that this miniramp is amazingly slippery! Props to both of these guys, Max Compartino for blasting sick tricks and Julien Grimard for the pictures. And oh, Saguenay is such an awesome place.



November 13, 2008

South Parc edit

Stéphane Bélanger sent me a cool video edited by Louis Lhomel, its pretty sweet! And fuck I wanna see Louis land that nose thing on the quarterpipe, awesome!

southparc edit from woach on Vimeo.
November 12, 2008

A little surprise for you guys

This is a sneak peek of the prototype for the new dobermann bars. I don't know the specs in detail, but i know it's around 2.5'' of rise, it has a 22mm clamping and it's made of 1.6mm thick 4130 true temper tubing. I can't wait to try it.
Whatever, here is a pic of the prototype.

November 12, 2008

Sick photos

Richard Desaulniers jr. just uploaded some new pics, and daamn they look good! You can either see them by clicking on rich's picture on the media section or hit this link . Thrust me, its worth it!
November 11, 2008

New Website!

Welcome to the new Allaboutbikes website! It was about time to get rid of that old ulgy one! So I am pretty stoked on this one, its simple and clean, just the way I like it! I might be adding a few features to it in the next weeks but I dont really know yet, I dont want to add useless stuff. I also asked Xavier to post updates so it should be way more updated than the old one. Hope you like it, and let me know what you think in the comments! You can say its shit, but be constructive!
November 10, 2008

Everywhere - teaser 2

Friday night was montreal's NWD 9 premiere at la cage au sport, and Vincent Allard came up with this thing, that is another teaser for his next movie Everywhere. Its pretty sick. Its already got some 15000 views and 650 faves on pinkbike, all this in 2 days.. I wont say anything about NWD 9 for the simple reason that I dont remember much of it. Oh and it seems that some people havent really enjoyed the fact that I was on the Mic friday night, so I am sorry, at least I had fun..

Anyways, heres the incredible teaser! You can also watch the first one by clicking here

November 10, 2008

Another Kid Savlem video

Cool short video of Kid Savlem shredding his (well, our) local skatepark. His brother Phil always does a great job with quick little video like this, it always motivates me to go out and ride. Oh and if you want to know a bit more about Pulses clothing co, just click the link on the right, its a small new clothing company that my friends started, it should get pretty interesting!

November 10, 2008

Chase Dehart's 2x4 video part

Wow at that double peg to hardside over at the end. I've been watching this video non stop for like two weeks... DIALED.

October 28, 2008

Louis Lhomel video

Louis Lhomel just sent me this video. I havent watched the whole thing yet because the computer Im using right now almost gave me a heart attack because the video was playing like a retard. Anyways, I just hope that theres no homosexual activities in the video.. Watever, enjoy!

ride from woach on Vimeo.
October 27, 2008

Jeremy Menduni 1 hour video

Smooth little video of a 1 hour session that Jeremy Menduni had at Centrepointe skatepark in ottawa. I dont know how old is this footage but you can probably find out pretty easily: if hes missing a part of his front teeth, that was filmed after october 11th.

Jeremy Menduni 1 hour park edit from simon on Vimeo.
October 27, 2008